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"We're Still Here" is based on a photo I saw of two soldiers spraying a wall in Iraq. We are at the point right now in our country that the economy has gotten so bad, it has consumed nearly everyone. The “Support Our Troops” stickers have faded and the outcry to bring our soldiers home has died to a murmur. The mainstream media has moved on, relaying news only when there is a tragedy in which American lives have been lost. The fact is that over 125.000 troops are still in Iraq and Afghanistan – and the conditions they live with day in and day out are extremely dangerous. These soldiers, and the ongoing sacrifices made not only by the soldiers themselves, but also by their families, should not be forgotten. "We're Still Here" will be released on Wednesday, September 28 at 3 PM EST in the shop.

The print is 24" x 18" with a run of 75 and will be $50.

Coinciding with the release of the print, a canvas (acrylic and spray paint) edition of 5 will also be released. The canvas edition is 24" x 30" and will be $250.

I have received numerous inquiries regarding the original “I Want to Believe” – featuring the faceless child. This will never be made into a print, but the original canvas will be given away to one person who buys a “We’re Still Here” print. The winner will be chosen from the mailing list.

This will be the last print that will allow for people to join the First Hour Print Club. One becomes a member by simply purchasing a print. Members have already received either a free screen print or an original piece of art – or both. There is still a free screen print coming around Christmas time – this print will be exclusive to members. All prints and originals are offered to members of the First Hour Print Cub prior to the public drop.

Members of the print club will receive an email on Monday with photos of the canvas edition and instructions on how to order.

Thanks Again

-- Freed


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