When a soldier enlists, he/she knows the risks that are inherent with that enlistment. What a soldier should expect, what a soldier should be able to take for granted is that when their lives are put at risk, that decision was made only as a last resort when all other options have been exhausted. The soldiers - mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters - many of whom are still kids themselves, were put into the worst situation imaginable for no reason aside from corporate greed. Ten years ago, when our soldiers were sent to find and destroy the dreaded "Weapons of Mass Destruction" - they needed to look no further than Houston, TX. It is important that this not be forgotten.

On Veteran's Day, Monday November 11, "Ten Years Later... Confident They've Found the WMD" will be released in the shop at 3pm eastern time. It is a 24" x 18" 3 color screen print on Crane Lettra paper with a run of 75. Prints will be $40

In addition to the screen print, a run of 10 original paintings on wood will be released. These paintings are also 24' x 18". Paintings will be $125. 

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