When a soldier enlists, he/she knows the risks that are inherent with that enlistment. What a soldier should expect, what a soldier should be able to take for granted is that when their lives are put at risk, that decision was made only as a last resort when all other options have been exhausted. The soldiers - mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters - many of whom are still kids themselves, were put into the worst situation imaginable for no reason aside from corporate greed. Ten years ago, when our soldiers were sent to find and destroy the dreaded "Weapons of Mass Destruction" - they needed to look no further than Houston, TX. It is important that this not be forgotten.

On Veteran's Day, Monday November 11, "Ten Years Later... Confident They've Found the WMD" will be released in the shop at 3pm eastern time. It is a 24" x 18" 3 color screen print on Crane Lettra paper with a run of 75. Prints will be $40

In addition to the screen print, a run of 10 original paintings on wood will be released. These paintings are also 24' x 18". Paintings will be $125. 

The print club "holiday" print has shipped. "Daddy's Daydream" is a 2 color 24" x 18" screen print. I have included an additional free print because this release was so delayed.

For those not in the print club, there are a few APs available in the shop.

Thanks again for your patience

When I first saw Banksy's Nola, I thought it was perfect. My next print, "The Storm's Just Begun" is a sort of  homage to Nola.

"The Storm's Just Begun" will be released on Tuesday, November 29 at 3PM EST.

It is an 18" x 18"  three color screen print. It has a run of 75 and will be $50.

100% of the proceeds made from the sale of this print - and all other prints currently in the shop - will be donated to Toys for Tots. 

"The American Dream Revisited" will be released next Friday, October 21 at 3 PM EST in the shop.

It is a 24" x 18" two color screen print with a run of 75. Prints will be $50

First Hour Print Club members will be contacted mid-week for their presale.
"We're Still Here" is based on a photo I saw of two soldiers spraying a wall in Iraq. We are at the point right now in our country that the economy has gotten so bad, it has consumed nearly everyone. The “Support Our Troops” stickers have faded and the outcry to bring our soldiers home has died to a murmur. The mainstream media has moved on, relaying news only when there is a tragedy in which American lives have been lost. The fact is that over 125.000 troops are still in Iraq and Afghanistan – and the conditions they live with day in and day out are extremely dangerous. These soldiers, and the ongoing sacrifices made not only by the soldiers themselves, but also by their families, should not be forgotten. "We're Still Here" will be released on Wednesday, September 28 at 3 PM EST in the shop.

The print is 24" x 18" with a run of 75 and will be $50.

Coinciding with the release of the print, a canvas (acrylic and spray paint) edition of 5 will also be released. The canvas edition is 24" x 30" and will be $250.

I have received numerous inquiries regarding the original “I Want to Believe” – featuring the faceless child. This will never be made into a print, but the original canvas will be given away to one person who buys a “We’re Still Here” print. The winner will be chosen from the mailing list.

This will be the last print that will allow for people to join the First Hour Print Club. One becomes a member by simply purchasing a print. Members have already received either a free screen print or an original piece of art – or both. There is still a free screen print coming around Christmas time – this print will be exclusive to members. All prints and originals are offered to members of the First Hour Print Cub prior to the public drop.

Members of the print club will receive an email on Monday with photos of the canvas edition and instructions on how to order.

Thanks Again

-- Freed

The winner has been contacted - thank you all for your support.

The next print will be announced within the next week.

The "I Want To Believe" print series is now available is the "shop" link.

Thanks again for all your support

     -- Freed
I am currently at the local pub typing this as I do not, and will not, have power for some time due to Irene. That being said - anyone who purchases a print within a week of the release will get all of the benefits mentioned above - the free print, chance to win the canvas, ability to purchase prints early, and any other freebie that may get thrown in. Right now there are more important things going on. I hope everyone who had to deal with the storm came out the other side well. Thanks for looking

In conjunction with the release of the I Want To Believe print series, a Canvas Edition of the USA Color print will be given away to someone who purchases a print within 48 hours of the release. The winner will be chosen from the mailing list, so please sign up.
Because this is the first print that will we will be releasing, and the WM3 no longer needs a defense fund (unbelievably good news), we will be offering a bunch of free stuff with this release. Here we go:

The print series will be released on Tuesday, August 30 at 3PM EDT in the shop link of this website. Each print has an edition of 50 and will be $50.

Everyone who purchases a print within the first 48 hours of the release will receive a free screen print around Christmas time. This print will be exclusive to those who purchase a print within the first 48 hours. The print will not be announced and you will not know when it is coming.

Everyone who purchases a print within the first 48 hours of the release will be given the opportunity to purchase the next year's worth of prints a day before the public release date. We hope to average about a print per month - so for approximately the next 12 print releases all those who purchase a print will have a leg up. Some of the design work for some upcoming releases is in the "Art" section of this website. This will be done via the mailing list, so please sign up.

If the prints sell out within 2 weeks of the release - a canvas (acrylic and spray paint) edition of each of the prints will be given away to 4 randomly selected people. The winners will be selected from the mailing list - so please sign up.

Here are some pics of the prints: